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Sharp Systems design and manufacture a range of tipping equipment for various processing and manufacture.

The units can be designed to be hydraulically operated complete with integrated hydraulic power pack systems or can be electrically operated.

Typically designed to be operated using standard Eurobins, Barrels and Bulk Boxes normally to the customer’s specific requirements and existing bulk handling vessels.

The units can be bespoke designed to for a single stage tipping action or can be designed to have a two-stage operation of lift then tip typically designed using a single column or dual column system.

The equipment can all be supplied with integrated control panels and safety guarding all interlinked to ensure current safety regulations are met.

Sharp systems can offer the end user a complete solution for further production equipment / conveying systems for the product after the tipping process.

All equipment is bespoke designed to suit the customer’s specific requirements to the highest standards for food production environments.