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Sharp Systems manufacture a wide range of bespoke Flat Belt Conveyors factory-made to our customer’s specific requirements. Predominantly using polyurethane belts for their excellent versatility and non-fat absorbing qualities. All our Flat Belt Conveyors are supplied with true track guides.

All our flat belt conveyors come fitted with SEW Eurodrive motors and gearboxes as standard, but other motor proprietary motors can be used on request and can either be fitted with end drivers or mid drives. Other available options include quick release belt tensioners, belt scrappers, waste collection bins on the end, racks for products to be picked from containers and removable tables or workstations. Our flat belt conveyors can also be fitted with electronic counting devices for batching etc.

The Sharp Systems Flat Belt Corner Conveyor has been specifically designed to enable product to be conveyed around tight bends and the small diameter rollers enable small product to be transferred effortlessly.